Anne Frank: Parallel Stories

DCP |  Run Time: 92 mins | WWII, History | Anne Frank: Parallel Stories | 27.01.2020 


What would Anne Frank’s life have been like had she survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen? What would have happened to the hopes and dreams she wrote about in her diaries? What could she have told us about persecution, about concentration camps? How would she have interpreted the reality of today, the rekindling of antisemitism and new racisms?


One thing for sure is that Anne is still a reference point, a looking glass through which teenagers can learn how to see the world and what questions to ask themselves. Anne wrote about herself, about what was happening to a Europe in flames, about Nazism. And in order to confide her fears and thoughts she invented an imaginary friend called Kitty.

Anne’s story will be brought to life by Helen Mirren, who will read from the famous diary, which combines with stories from several Holocaust survivors. The film also follows a young girl, Martina, who guides as through some of the key places in Anne’s short life, as well as those of the survivors. She wants to know about the story of the Jewish teenager who became a symbol of the greatest tragedy to befall the 20th Century speaking to us through social media. Photos and posts are her language, and in this way, Martina gives us her interpretation of what she discovers, what she sees, from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany (where Anne and her sister Margot died) to the Holocaust Memorial in Paris, up to and including her visit to the secret refuge in Amsterdam. Martina is one of the thousands of teenagers who feel close to Anne and this documentary will bring the tragic, yet incredible, story to life.


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"It is a film that is targeted at younger people with what is perhaps an educational mission, and with this in mind there is a connecting-thread motif."

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