DCP |  Run Time: 110 mins | Gaming Film | DanTDM Presents The Contest: 02.11.2019 & 03.11.2019


DanTDM Presents The Contest

'DanTDM Presents The Contest' is an interactive in-cinema event that provides you, Dan's fans, with an engaging gaming experience and immersive story.


Every 1000 years, an inter-dimensional organisation called The E-Federation visits a different dimension to put on The Contest, a huge gaming competition that takes place between three Tribes, all battling for victory. This year, The E-Federation has chosen Earth to hold The Contest and invited DanTDM to be the Host and Marshal.


Which Tribe will you join and can you help them win The Contest? Will it be the Arktikan Tribe?  The Talonian Tribe?  Or the Arborean Tribe?  Make sure to wear your Tribe colours by going to dantdmshop.com to buy your official Contest Tribe kit in advance of the big event.


Get ready to find out about your Tribe, discover ways you can get involved in order to help support your Tribe and expect a few surprises along the way too! Who will overcome adversity and raise the Mega Cup as the winner of The Contest?


This event has been specially created for a worldwide cinema audience and this will be the only chance for you, Dan’s fans, to see it!


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"It was only a matter of time before an influencer translated their youtube reach in to an event for the big screen and Dan TDM created an exciting interactive experience that allowed his tribe of fans to congregate in our cinemas. The audience were buzzing before, during and after, so we hope there’ll be more to come”

- James Dobbin, Showcase Cinemas
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