Run Time 120 mins  |  Music, Concert, Celebrity  |  Diana. Her Life, Love and Legacy: 26.03.19

Diana. Her Life, Love and Legacy

A milestone in history, marking the 75th birthday of one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

When a freak storm hit during the Diana Ross: Live in Central Park concert back in 1983,  despite Ross’s best efforts to take on Mother Nature and continue,  the concert had to be cancelled. She announced to the crowd she would return the following day to perform again. Amazingly over 1 million people united on the Great Lawn of Central Park again to experience a once-in-a-lifetime live moment that defined a generation. The concert seen around the world showcased the trailblazing entertainer of young & old, bringing together all ethnicities and nationalities to experience the voice and heart of Diana Ross.


Cinema Exclusive:

In addition to the cut short footage from Day 1 and the full concert on day 2,  “Diana Ross Her Life, Love & Legacy” provides new interviews with her children, news archives from the time which document the persistence, resilience and superstar status of Diana. Together with archive concert footage, celebrating her three decade legacy and what made this unexpected turn of events and concert so iconic. 


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